What we do

Variis provides a range of RTO development services to assist manage and control
compliance obligations, aligned with day to day business operations. We work with your organisation
to understand your RTO development needs and tailor services around these needs.



Operational Strategy

Variis can assist RTO development and implementation of contextualised business processes aligned to compliance obligations.

Variis strategic support services assist RTOs strike a balance between commercial and regulatory pressures.


Quality Systems

Variis can assist your business develop and articulate measurable quality assurance benchmarks and frameworks to support operations.

Based around your organisational practice, standards and operational protocols, Variis works with your people and business to deliver tailor made solutions that are fit for your purpose.


Audit Support

Variis provides expertise in critical analysis of audit findings and response strategy for complex and challenging cases

Whether preparing for an upcoming audit, or responding to findings, Variis supports RTO development and implementation of strategies to articulate their compliance position.


Professional Development

Individual mentoring and coaching or group based professional development. Variis provides a range of support services aimed at helping providers and their staff navigate the vocational education sector more effectively.

Variis can provide professional development activity aligned to your RTO development needs.


Assessment Review

Variis can conduct critical analysis of assessment resources to assist RTOs determine the effectiveness and quality of their assessment system.

Variis assessment review services provide a systematic approach to RTO development and improvement of assessment practice and instruments.


Internal Audit

Variis provides site or desk-based audit services, including reports, recommendations and actionable insights that support your RTO development.

Variis internal review and audit processes deliver evidence-based data to support strategy and operational decision making.